The Sacor PVS project team (from left to right) Ruan vd Linde -quality control, Harry Kubeka- manufacturing lead, Frans Laphoi- logistics, Sello Mokoena -production and Werner Pienaar -lead designer and project manager.

Sacor engineering is a well-established mechanical engineering facility with headquarters located in Fairleads, Benoni, with a footprint in Africa, Australasia and soon to be South America and The Middle East.

Our core business is the development and manufacturing of ground-breaking separation equipment for the waste water, mining, petrochemical, oil and gas, as well as the food and beverage industries.

The portable ventilator system or PVS is the product of Sacor Engineering management realizing the dire need for ventilators in the wake of the Covid 19 epidemic. We were made aware that most covid19 deaths resulted from a shortage of ventilators that victims desperately required as a result of the virus effecting their own ability to breathe. We decided it was our duty as a mechanical engineering firm to step in and help. A project committee was chosen, tasked with deducing the viability and frankly the possibility of such a system.

After several “brainstorming” sessions it was decided that the PVS should not only fulfil the necessary medical requirements but also be 100% portable, low cost -to  make it available to the masses, it should be able to be manufactured in large quantities and finally should operate without the aid of any electrical power to enable the PVS to be utilized in remote sites with limited resources. With this in mind a project was launched with Mr. Werner Pienaar in the project lead and head designer with Harry Kubeka facilitating the development of production techniques and material sourcing.

The team is complimented with quality managers, production managers and logistics managers.

The result is a ventilator system that weighs less than 10Kg, requires zero power to operate, can be produced at a rate of 150 units a day and because it can be used with portable medical oxygen or can be coupled to a hospital oxygen line, The PVS can be used in all emergency care situations including temporary and remote sites, patient transfer in ambulances and in conventional hospital applications. This coupled with a cost of less than 4% of conventional ventilators makes it available to any person that may require it. A world first designed and built in South Africa by South Africans.

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