How do I know what centrifuge is correct for my application?

SACOR will provide a case study advising you on both primary and auxiliary equipment

What are the cost implications of installing a centrifuge?

Initial Capital expenditure is comparatively lower than conventional equipment and ROI is achieved in mere months. Operator and maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

No, our systems our designed to operate at 8000 hours between service intervals.
Basic maintenance and checks are carried out by the operator.

Do you need a skilled operator to operate the centrifuge?

Any operator with a very basic understanding of computers will be confident to operate our systems after 2 days training.

What do I do when the centrifuge requires maintenance?

Basic training and maintenance is carried out on all operators prior to equipment hand over.
SACOR specialist field technicians are available around the clock to advise and inspect machinery.
Our facility is open 24/7 to ensure client down time is greatly reduced.

Does the centrifuge require special buildings or platforms?

In most instances the system will only require a concrete pad, as our systems are ready to operate on arrival.
Our smaller units are trailer mounted, making their portability a key feature in many applications.